E=mc² (English)


I’ve always been a surveyor.

An authorized surveyor, if you remember.

I’m expert in the similitude of the word

with whatever appears impossible but is possible

as word.


Believing that everything is space,

which exists so that inherent things can exist,

I’m occupied with plotting out the void;

with arbitrary constants and relativities,

with graphics of disorder and order,

from the beginning of things with no beginning I extend the lines

to reach the end of the infinite.

Easy and not so vague,

if before zero you count the one

or if you name the one zero.


With operations that belong to the present;

but the present has no meaning whatsoever

when time divides the now through time

into a past now, an impending now,

and a perpetual now;


when energy, velocity and mass

subject to the equal sign of an equation

beleaguer the nature of the absolute;


and when even what is limited

could well exist as unlimited

and get eternity into trouble.


Thus the cause, the point and the coincidence

and the explosion which burst into laughter

and the expansion of the tiniest and the freeing

and the wandering of matter in light–


thus genesis


and the constellations and galaxies and red giants

and brown dwarfs and supernovae

and the fusion and the counterpoise

and the forces of the cosmic web–


thus the horizon.


And the reasonable myth in the imitation

of the imaginary and necessary similitude.


Trans. Jeffrey Carson – Nikos Sarris